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These Terms and Conditions describe the rules of use of Trader Time Zone's website, located at Tradertimerzone.com.

When accessing this site, we consider that you are in accordance with the terms and conditions below. Do not continue to use the Trader Time Zone if you disagree with the terms and conditions described in this contract.


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Except in cases where the opposite is indicated, Trader Time Zone and his graduates are entitled to intellectual property of all material posted in the Trader Time Zone. All rights to intellectual property are reserved.

You have no permission to:

• Copy or republish trader time zone materials

• Sell, rent or sublocate trader time zone materials

• Reproduce, double or copy materials from Trader Time Zone

• Redistribute content from Trader Time Zone

This agreement will have an effect from the present date.

Parts of this site offer the user the opportunity to post and discuss opinions and information in certain areas. Trader Time Zone does not filter, edit, publish or review comments before they are presented on the site. Comments reflect the opinions of the person who puts them. To the extent that the applicable laws allow, Trader Time Zone is not legally responsible for comments or any damages, risks or expenses caused or suffered as a result of the use, and/or post and/or appearance of the comments of this site.

Trader Time Zone reserves for himself the right to refer to any comments that may be considered inappropriate, offensive or break the terms and conditions of this contract.

You declare and guarantee that:

• You have the right to post comments on our site and have all the licenses and consent to do so;

• Comments do not invade any intellectual property, including copyright, patents or trademarks of third parties;

• Comments do not contain defamatory, injurious, offensive, indecent or unlawful, which is invasion of privacy.

• Comments will not be used to request or promote business or present commercial activities or illicit activities.

Through this gives the Trader Time Zone the non-exclusive license to use, reproduce, edit and authorize others to use, reproduce or edit any of your comments in any and all forms, formats and media.

Creation of links to our content

The following organizations can create links to our site without the need for prior written approval:

• Government agencies;

• Search mechanisms;

• Media organizations;

• Online Directories Distributors can insert links to our site as they insert hyperlinks to other companies listed; and

• Accredited companies, except non -profit raising organizations and fundraising groups for charity, which cannot insert links to our site without prior approval.

These organizations can post links to our homepage, our publications or other site information, as long as the link: (A) is not in any way misleading; (b) does not falsely insign the existence of a relationship of sponsorship, endorsement, or approval of ours to products and/or services; and (c) is appropriate to the context in which it is being inserted.

We can consider and approve link requests made by the following types of organizations:

• well -known sources of information about products and businesses;

• Community Sites Ponto.com;

• Associations and other groups representing charity istituctions;

• Online Directorate Distributors;

• Internet portals;

• Accounting, Advocacy and Consulting firms; and

• Educational institutions and class associations.

We will approve link requests made by the types of organization listed above if we think that: (a) the link is not unfavorable to our image and/or the image of accredited companies; (b) the requesting organization has no negative history with us; (c) the benefit we earn with the visibility of the link compensates for the absence of Trader Time Zone; and (d) the link will be inserted in an informative general context.

These organizations can post links to our homepage as long as the link: (A) is not in any way misleading; (b) does not falsely insign the existence of a relationship of sponsorship, endorsement, or approval of products and/or services on our part; and (c) is appropriate to the context in which it is being inserted.

If you represent one of the organizations listed in paragraph 2 above and are interested in posting a link to our site, you must inform us of your interest by sending an email to Trader Time Zone. Please include your disappearance, your organization's name and contact information, as well as your site URL, a list of the URLs of our site that you intend to use as links, and a list of sites you want to publish in which you want to our URLs. Wait between 2 and 3 weeks to receive an answer.

Approved organizations may publish links to our website in the following ways:

• Using our corporate name; or

• Using the URL where the link redirects; or

• Using any other description of our site that makes sense within the context and format of the content where the link is being inserted.

The use or publication of links to the logo and other visual elements of the Trader Time Zone will not be allowed without a license agreement to use the trademark.

Liability for content:

We will not be legally responsible for any content that appears on our site. You agree to protect us and defend us against all accusations raised against our site. No links should appear on any site that can be interpreted as a defamatory, obscene, criminal, or which violates, violates or defends the violation of third party rights.

Rights Reserve:

We reserve our right to request that you remove all links or any links to redirect to our site. You agree to immediately remove all links to our site as soon as the removal is requested. We also reserve our right to correct and change these terms and conditions at any time. By continually publishing links to our site, you agree to follow these terms and conditions on links.

Removal of links posted on our website:

If you find any link on our site that is in any offensive way, you have the freedom to contact us and tell us about the problem at any time. Let's consider link removal requests, but we are not required to remove any links from our site or to respond directly to your request.

We do not guarantee that the information continues on this site is correct. We do not guarantee integrality or accuracy of the content. We do not guarantee that the site will remain available or that the site material will remain up to date.

Declaration of Responsibility Exemption:

At most possible permitted by law, we exclude all representations, guarantees and conditions related to our site and the use of this site. Nothing in this declaration of exemption of responsibility goes:

• Limit or exclude our responsibility or responsibility for personal deaths or damage;

• Limit or exclude our responsibility or liability for fraud or misrepresentation;

• Limit our responsibility or responsibility in any way that are not allowed under the law; exclude any of yours or ours that cannot be excluded in accordance with applicable law.

The limitations and prohibitions of liability listed in this section and other parts of this statement: (a) are subject to the previous paragraph; and (b) govern all responsibilities that arise under the declaration, including liability arose in contract, crimes and breach of legal obligations.

While the site and the information and services of the site are offered for free, we will not be responsible for loss and damage of any kind.