Free Package.


Configure the site for use.

In the Free package you have access to the main functions of the website completely free of charge, see what you access in the basic plan!

You can choose between three languages, Portuguese, English and Spanish, just click on the flag and choose the language.




You should also choose your time zone so that the rule fits your time, making interpretation easier..

You select your time zone by clicking on select your time zone, see image.




For the Brasília time zone, select São Paulo.

Now with your language selected and your chosen time zone you are ready to make the most of the site.

Using the site.

Now that you have configured the site for use, learn how to use the site correctly.



In the Home of the site you have access to the Clock.




This watch displays the restrictions for your traders in real time, thus indicating when you should stop or start trading again.

In addition to the real time, we also have the beginning, which indicates what time the zone started and the next which indicates what time the next zone change will take place.

Note that above the clock we have three more buttons, Operations from 60 to 300s, Operations from 5 to 15 minutes and Captions.




It is very important to know that there is a difference between 60 to 300 second operations and 5 to 15 minute operations.

Operations from 60 to 300 seconds catches several news items as they are operations that any slight variation may influence them so we apply restrictions (red zone) to these low impact news (Level 1).

The operations of 5 to 15 minutes, on the other hand, are not restricted by low impact (Level 1) news, they only receive medium impact (Level 2) and high impact (Level 3)

Subtitles, when you click on subtitles you will have a summary of the zones and what each one means, just click and the subtitles for the volatilities will be displayed and you can browse through each one and understand how everything works, see the image below.




Latest news.

This is a panel where we inform ourselves about the updates and adjustments of our website, thus keeping you always well informed about everything we are doing on our website to protect your traders.




Dynamic maps.

In dynamic maps you have a wider view of the zones, like the image below.




Desta forma voce sempre terá as informações das próximas 11 horas para frente e mostrará as 11 horas que já passaram, tendo a informação das próximas 11 horas voce pode organizar os seu traders sabendo a que horas parar ou continuar.

Calendário Econômico.

Aqui Você uma previa das próximas notícias e eventos que irão impactar os mercados.





Quem Somos.

Aqui você terá uma Visão Geral do site e como nos obtemos as informações que repassamos de forma simplificado.





Aqui você tem acesso gratuito a vários materiais que rodam por grupos de WhatsApp totalmente gratuito que poderá te dar uma noção básica do que e o mercado financeiro.






Este e o pacote grátis do site que você acessa gratuitamente sem custo algum.




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