Update Note


  • Access to the User settings panel
  • Time Zone System.
  • Settings for Registration and Email Creation
  • Forum.
  • Security Settings

User Settings:

    The user has access to their settings, to change the main characteristics.
    To change the password and email, contact support, this step is still under development.
    In the same profile window your time zone can be changed and will be automatically adjusted with the entire project.

Time zone system.

  • When configuring your Time Zone, both the clock on the main page and the Dynamic Map will be adjusted accordingly, thus being able to follow the risk map according to the desired local time, thus having more accuracy and security in time to do your actions.
  • Time zone settings can be made for Offline users

Settings for Registration and Email Creation

  • The same adjustments were made in the practicality and security when registering, when placing your e-mail, check if it was not thrown in the spam box, it is necessary to activate your account linked to an e-mail to your safety, because as the same project has relations with Bosa de Valores, all data that are guided by the system must be properly treated and saved to avoid any types of leaks in the future.
  • Users who registered and did not confirm their email have been removed.


    The Forum system and Tradetimezone's system are different, as their internal logistics handle data differently, if you want to set your time zone in your account, just create a new account in the Tradetimezone system.


  • Prevention of data theft.


  • For any suggestions or improvements, do not hesitate to contact us. the project despite being known for years, will undergo major changes in the coming months and years, to improve and the dynamics and walk along with the evolution of the market.
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