Who we are

The site:

Trader Timer Zone is a website designed to help novice and experienced traders identify the best times to trade and to avoid impacts caused by the economic calendar, which can significantly influence the bottom line. of binary options trading and short Forex trading (Scalper).

The Colors:

The site has a mechanism, which identifies and prints colors at different times of the day, which can help you choose the best times to perform your operations. These colors are demarcated in 4 different zones: Blue Zone , Green Zone , Green Zone Clara and Red Zone.

Trader Timer Zone, we identified that the market follows a different pace at various times of the day and over time we can divide them into colors. But understand that the market moves differently in each of the colors, that doesn't mean it's the best or worst time to trade.

With that in mind the TTZ team sought to test various indicators and strategies in each time slot separately, and we came to the conclusion that each zone has different amounts of indicators and strategies that work in each one, so we decided to give these zones the classic overall grading colors, with the 1st being Blue Zone , with most of the indicators and strategies perfectly matching it, the 2nd Green Zone , having a little less but a considerable amount, 3 ° Light Green Zone with very few indicators and strategies to suit it, and the Red Zone considered the worst time to perform the operations. But it is noteworthy that there are people who have adapted to this zone and only use it to operate.

Understand the Colors:

Light Green Zone:

At a time when the market is low on trading, when unaffected by the economic calendar ( Red Zone ), at this time some of The world's major exchanges are closed, so there are some strategies that do not work properly due to low volatility. But there are some strategies that work, but keep in mind that a change in market behavior in this zone is automatically displayed in our pivot tables. You can access them by clicking here.

Green Zone:

The time when the market gains a considerable volume of trading when not affected by the economic calendar ( Red Zone ), unlike Light Green Zone , this is an area where the market has a steady flow of trades, and ends up taking lunch time in Europe, considerably increasing the number of speculators. Even so, it follows several patterns, facilitating analysis and fitting into most strategies and indicators. Keep in mind that some strategies that require low volatility are not suitable for this zone, they are automatically displayed in our pivot tables. You can access them by clicking here.

Blue Zone:

Moment that the market is already packed by the world's major exchanges, and ends up catching the opening of the North American market, leaving most of the European speculators, made totally stable. Most indicators and strategies work perfectly in this zone, keep in mind that some strategies that require low volatility are not suitable for this zone, it is automatically displayed in our pivot tables. You can access them by clicking here.

Blue Zone:

This is a moment of high volatility, which can be brutally affected by the economic calendar, taking almost 100% of the accuracy of strategies and indicators, so it is not recommended to trade or eat in this zone, you can access them by clicking here.

How do we report:

You Internet user receives this information in real time 24/5 (twenty four hours a day, when the world currency market is open), you get this information for free through our clock on the home page of the site, which tells you which zone is being displayed, and what time the next one will start, according to your time zone, which you can select from the home page, and can also give you a broad view of the day. keep track of our dynamic map showing the latest and next 11 hours being updated hourly.

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